Murray J Brown


I’m a retired software developer, an avid reader, and life-long learner.

As a hands-on software engineering leader I’ve had a wide range and depth of experiences in the architecture, design, and implementation of trustworthy web software infrastructure and applications. Leveraging an extensive background in a variety of web technologies, distributed systems, embedded systems, electronic commerce, secure messaging, public key infrastructure (PKI), and information security, I’d bring a pragmatic, application-oriented, systems design perspective to managing software projects and teams using agile practices.

I value integrity, honesty, intelligence, passion, compassion, fair play, tolerance, humour, adventure, an open mind, a stout heart, … and a sense of purpose.


I’ve recently been developing some exemplar projects for honing skills with various full-stack technologies of the Node.js ecosystem, notably:


  • Next.js React framework

  • React Hooks

  • JSX styling w/ Bulma Sass

  • Markdown

  • Immer for state immutability

  • axios http w/ async/wait

  • ARIA tags for accessibilty & testing

  • AVA and Jest for unit testing

  • Cypress for integration and end-to-end testing


  • built on foundation developed for project above

  • Feathers: a REST and real-time API layer for Node.js and the browser

  • composing Express applications: Feathers & Next.js

  • websocket-based messaging