I offer a range of services for writing, editing, and presenting information in a variety of formats, specializing in expository material for academic and technically savvy audiences. Moreover, I can assist in the research and synthesis of additional information for a topic, as needed.

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Service Description Rate

Copy writing

Expository article Authoring of an article that explores some topic, in simple language to make the concept clear for everyone.


Technical document Authoring of a document providing information about the underlying architecture, materials, and process for interfacing with, or building on top of, existing technology. (End-user documentation excluded.)


Copy editing

Proofreading Examining text carefully to find and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling.


Style conformance Ensuring text conforms with writing style guideline (e.g., AP, APA, Chicago, MLA).


Wordsmithing Modifying text to improve clarity and style, without changing its intended meaning.


Critique Reviewing content and suggesting material changes or elaboration.



Design Layout and styling of aesthetic design elements (e.g., titles, headings, paragraphs, citations, figures, tables, headers, footers, etc.)


Production Creating or converting document of specified file format (.DOCX, .EPUB, .HTML, .ODT, .PDF, etc.).



Design Layout and styling of aesthetic design elements (e.g., titles, headings, paragraphs, images, headers, footers, etc.) for a simple static website. Ask
Hosting Registering a domain name and setting up content management services for a simple static website. Ask

Includes copy editing service(s) above.


Included at no charge with any service(s) above.


A simple static website based on my preferred technologies and services.